Friday, April 16, 2010

Hair Accessories

My hair is about shoulder length. It's got some natural wave/curl to it, and I used to use curl cream to enhance that and kept it curly. About a year ago, though, it seemed that the curl fell out of my hair, and now it's just sort of this weird, wavy mess. If I try using curl cream now, it just ends up doing really strange things. So I have been straightening it. They say your hair changes every 7 years or so, so I guess I was about due. I'm sad, though, because I loved my curls. Anyway. Because of the natural wave in it, it holds "manufactured" curls really well. So I intend to wear my hair mostly down and have my stylist gently curl it - almost finger-curl style, if you will. Very laid-back but pretty. Kind of like this:

I just can't decide what to do as far as accessories go. I'm not really a veil kind of girl, but I find myself being drawn to the birdcage veils that seem to have come back into fashion. I am considering something like this:

But my hair would be down, with just the side (probably the right side, which would be "facing" the congregation during our ceremony). I'm just not sure if the birdcage fits with the style of my dress. My dress is kind of "hippie-ish" and ethereal; the birdcage veils evoke more of a vintage-y vibe to me. So another option is to just do the feather fascinator and skip the veil altogether.

My other thought is to skip the feathers entirely and try something like a headband. I like this one:

It's the one on the bottom right. The pattern matches the beadwork on my dress.

I'm torn.

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