Friday, April 2, 2010


We knew we wanted to have some way of getting the wedding party from the church to the reception, and wanted to come up with something that worked with the Antique Auto Museum. My dad owns a 1972 Porsche 911, and though it would fit with the "theme," it's essentially a 2-seater. There are seats in the back, but they're not easily accessible, nor are they terribly comfortable. While I considered the idea of having my dad chauffeur Matt and I to the reception, I really wanted to be able to celebrate and be with our wedding party. So...I nixed the Porshe 911. Although I do hope my dad decides to drive it that day, because I think it would be really special to get some pictures of us with his car. It would be even better if I could surprise my dad with said picture. Hmmm...something to think about!

Anyway, we decided to look into the Hershey Trolley.

The trolley's been around since 1904, when the first car was used to transport milk from the farms in the area to the factory for Milton Hershey to make chocolate. A few years later, they added passenger cars to allow the workers to use it to get to and from the factory. It ran steadily until 1946, when more people were using cars and the trolley was no longer needed in town. A few decades later, the trolleys were brought back as a way to show tourists (and locals!) the history of the town. It runs several tours a day from Chocolate World, taking riders all around the town of Hershey. I've taken it; it's a great little ride!

Anyway, the trolley is available for charter service, and we thought it would be a perfect addition to our wedding. The room where the reception is being held is where the museum keeps all the old busses and trolleys, so it totally fits in with the evening! Plus, once we looked into it, we discovered that it's actually more economically sound (read: cheaper) to take the trolley than to book a limo or other type of charter service! I'm so excited to take this special trip with all of our favorite people!

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