Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Randomness

Yippee!  It's Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!


I'm going to subject you to more of my randomness.  I surely hope you don't mind, dear readers.

Remember I mentioned I've been fantasizing about redoing our kitchen?  This is the kitchen I've put together in my head.

except in turquoise.  i have a new-found obsession with turquoise.

I need a friend to have a baby soon so I can get a cake like this.

I am in love with this nursery.  And this rug.  Not that they really go together.  But, they kind of do...

Is it wrong that I want to hang this in my office?

Last but not least, can you name all the movies quoted in this poster?

Link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple!  Have fun with it!

*all images from my Pinterest


  1. I love the bright blue in that kitchen! And the last pin with all the sweet quotes!

  2. I love the first two kitchens! The pop of color is awesome.

  3. great posts! love the kitchens :)