Monday, October 3, 2011

Swan Song

We threw that term around quite a bit this weekend at our house.  It was kind of a disappointing weekend for us, I have to admit.  We hosted our annual Oktoberfest party on Saturday.  We had invited about 60 people.  We had positive responses from about 24.  8 showed up.  Of those 16 who didn't show up, only 8 notified us earlier in the day that they couldn't make it. 

So Matt and I decided that this year was the Swan Song for our Oktoberfest party.  Why should we bother to make the effort when no one else does?  It was a lot of work and a lot of money that we invested into that party, only to be pretty let down when no one showed up. 

But that's not really the point of this post - to bitch about our lack of guests at our Oktoberfest party.  The point of this post is that this will be my blogging Swan Song.  I have really enjoyed blogging for the last (almost) 2 years, but I kind of feel like my blogging juices are running dry.  I rarely have time to write, or topics that I want to write about.  And while I like the Man-Candy Mondays and the Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays, I don't want to be one of those bloggers who only blogs the memes.  But I don't feel enough creativity to keep it going. 

So I'll be signing off.  I just feel like lately I've been neglecting my blog, and the pressure that I keep trying to put on myself to be a "better" blogger is just kind of silly.  I never set out to be a regular, long-time blogger, and rather than try to force myself to be something that I'm not, I'm just going to let go. 

I still plan to read all of your amazing blogs.  My Google Reader is chock-full of all your wonderful-ness.  Thanks for always reading.  And all the comments.  Although I was not a comment-responder most of the time, I swear that I really did appreciate each and every one of your comments. 

Take care, my bloggy-friends.  Come follow me on Pinterest, if you want! 


  1. I’m so sorry! I hate that! It seems like the last few parties I’ve thrown have had a low turnout. The worst is when people don’t even bother to let us know that they aren’t going to make it. I’ve wasted so much food (and time, money, effort). Luckily this weekend I had two successful get togethers, one with friends and one with family. So now my attitude is a little more hopeful.

    I’ll miss your blog! But I’m following on Pinterest now!

  2. We'll miss you dear! I'll have to follow you on Pinterest. <3

  3. well, shoot, i just found you & now you're leaving? ah well, at least there is pinterest. i like your pins! : )

    also, that party thing. oye! the only party i throw now is my birthday dinner & a movie. that way, no matter who shows up - or doesn't - i get dinner & a movie so it's all good! lol

  4. This is such a bummer, I hate when bloggers stop blogging! But keep reading please!