Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

No theme this week.  Just randomness.  I'm too preoccupied with a) getting all my work done so I'm not leaving my colleagues with a lot of stuff to do when I'm off on Friday, b) getting our house ready for Oktoberfest, and c) getting rid of this stupid cold that I caught yesterday.  Seriously, guys, my throat is killing me.  And my nose won't stop running.  I am pretty sure I slept for about an hour last night.  Most of the night, I was lying awake, trying not to swallow and cut the hell out of my throat with the razor blades that someone apparently shoved back there. 

So, for purposes of trying not to think too much today, here is just a random smattering of some stuff I pinned recently!

I love that each little tab-thingie (technical term, you know) is more lyrics from the song.  Hysterical.

I knew it!

Nerdy kitty!

So these posters are so freaking awesome, and I really really want one.  The columns that make up the background?  Yeah, those are all the words from the novel.  The entire book is printed on that poster.  How amazing is that?

I am completely in love with this nursery.  I really want to do an "alphabet" theme for my baby shower.  Whenever that happens.

I may have to make our future pregnancy facebook-official with a photo like this.  I just love it.

Link up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple to see lots more pinning!


  1. OMG that sound of music pin is hysterical! And the maternity shirt and the cookie monster. Love it all!

  2. Loovveee the colors in that nursery!

  3. I love the calories quote, too funny.

  4. the lionel richie picture made me do the "surprise LOL snort-laugh" so thank you for that! : ) also love the letter from peter pan to edward. good times!!

  5. Great pins girl. :) Love the last creative!

  6. I think I have most of these pinned :)) I love them all! The delete cookies one gets me every time...

  7. I love the Lionel Richie picture. That is a great song! I LOVE the Wizard of Oz poster. Amazing.