Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Caterer

I very quickly (literally - 3 days after we got engaged!) got in touch with JDK Catering and asked to make an appointment to meet with David, the same person who worked with my sister and her husband on their wedding day. We scheduled an appointment for the following weekend to meet with him to discuss preliminary plans for our wedding. Like I said before, I was really impressed with how well he'd done for my sister, I did not want to lose the opportunity to work with him myself.

Just a few minutes into our meeting, I knew I hadn't made a mistake. David totally got our vision. When I told him that we were picturing using peacock feathers, he was absolutely thrilled! His enthusiasm made us even more excited to plan our wedding! He had so many great ideas, and he was so excited to hear that I wanted to work with non-floral and non-traditional elements.

We talked about and essentially planned our menu, and I cannot WAIT until I actually get to eat some of this stuff. It all sounds absolutely amazing! David asked us what some of our "specialties" are, or what food are Matt and I known for (what do we serve at parties, what are our favorite foods, etc). We are known throughout our friends and family for always bringing these really yummy asparagus rolls (also known as "pee stinkers," a name given by one of our friends) - basically bread, asparagus, and "cheese." So David suggested that we could either give him our recipe to make those or they could make a fancier version. Given that our recipe includes white bread and Cheez Whiz, we thought it would be better to go with the fancier version, which includes philo dough and boursin cheese - much more appropriate for a wedding, we thought! Other appetizers will be.....nah, I'm not gonna go and give away the whole thing! But just know that it's going to be amazing!!!

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