Friday, March 12, 2010


So when we met with David at JDK, we had a short discussion about flowers, but I really didn't know yet exactly what I wanted for bouquets or centerpieces. I had some vague ideas and a few pictures, but nothing really concrete yet. I did know exactly what I wanted for the guys' boutonniers, though:

How cool is that?! It's so fresh and different. Love. As for bouquets, like I said, I had some general ideas, but had no clue what flowers to use. I have seen a LOT of bouquets like this one:

But I know those flowers (cymbidium orchids) are crazy expensive, so I wasn't counting on it. I did know I wanted my girls to be carrying green bouquets - I love the look of a monochromatic bouquet. At the time that we met with David, I had this one picture of an all-green bouquet:

And I liked it, but I've since found others that I like way more. I'm not gonna totally give it away, but I am leaning towards spider mums, button mums, carnations, hypericum berries, delphiniums, and dahlias. LOVE! I'm still planning on the girls carrying totally green bouquets, and I plan to carry green and white.

The centerpieces and floral decor for the reception will include the same colors - green, white, and some blue flowers, with, of course, the peacock feathers. When we were meeting with David, we told him that we were picturing minimalistic. He showed us an arrangement they had set up in the office with 3 black square vases and yellow and white flowers. We really liked the look of it - it was super clean and simple. Ours would probably be with white vases. And then David suggested using something taller on some of the tables, too. We just kind of agreed to everything, because, well, David's kind of awesome!

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