Monday, May 17, 2010

Hair and Makeup

I have been obsessively considering my makeup for the Big Day for a couple of weeks now.

Say you: Why?! The wedding is still, like, 5 months away!
Say me: Um, hi, do you know me at all? Because I obsess. It's what I do.

So anyway. I have a pretty good idea of what I want my hair to look like. And I've officially decided - no veil. That's right, Bridesmaid-Who-Claims-She-Won't-Come-If-I-Don't-Wear-A-Veil (you know how you are!). I am still a bride without a veil. Just so you know. A regular veil just is not my style, and the birdcage veil, while super classy and vintagey and pretty, doesn't seem to be quite the right match with my sort-of hippie-ish dress. So...yeah, no veil. In other news, I finally ordered the clip I plan to wear. I found it on Etsy (my all-time new favorite website), and I am completely in love with it.
Pretty, right? Here's what I'm planning to do with my hair (not exactly, but something very similar).
I love how natural and fresh it is, and I think the feather clip in my hair would do a similar thing for my hair as it does for (gorgeous) Rachel McAdams's hair. That's from The Notebook, which is easily one of my favorite movies, and even Matt will watch it with me now and then.
I think I had that decision actually made a long time ago, I just needed to commit to having made the decision. I'm a sucker for changing my mind at the last minute. But I am still kind of struggling with what to do with my makeup. I like the makeup I use on a daily basis. I use Maybelline MineralPower liquid foundation, finishing veil powder, and blush. They look nice on my skin, even out my tone, all that good stuff...but it doesn't last terribly long, and it really doesn't cover up the fact that my pores are enormous and (to me) incredbly noticeable. I love the eye shadow I use: I have the Almay Intense I-Color for green eyes, and I think it really does make my eyes pop. Plus, it made me actually kind of good at applying eye makeup cuz it gives you fool-proof-even-for-non-girly-girls-who-don't-have-the-first-clue-about-makeup instructions on where to put what. And then I use Cover Girl's Last Blast Luxe mascara in Cabernet, cuz it gives a subtle hint of purple. And I think, on a day-to-day basis, that I look pretty good. But for my wedding day, I don't want to look pretty good. I want to look freaking amazing. Like, so freaking amazing that I'm gonna start walking down the aisle and Matt's gonna think, "Who's that girl? I'm not marrying that girl! She's too pretty to be Erin. I don't know who this freaking amazingly pretty girl is!" Yeah, that freaking amazing.

So I went to Sephora last week and talked to someone there. She gave me a run-down of recommended products, and samples of two different primers plus an eye primer. I have tried both of the primers out, and I still don't think my makeup stayed on very long. The one I used over the weekend for my friend Justin's wedding felt totally amazing and looked really good for the first few hours, but by the end of the night I still felt like my makeup was down for the count. Oh, but the eye primer is definitely an investment to make. My eyeshadow stayed put all night, and didn't get all smudgey or creasy. Anyway. I didn't buy anything at Sephora. (Well, at least not any makeup. I did end up purchasing my wedding day perfume. Delicious by DKNY. Mmmm... So even if I don't look good, I'll still smell damn good!) I wanted to get an idea of what look I wanted to go for before I started actually making purchases. They will do a quick 15-minute freebie makeover with whatever products you choose - they'll do one side of your face and then let you practice on the other side to see how terrible you are at matching what they did so they can laugh at you later.

So this is what I'm thinking of for my makeup.
Say you: Whoa! Holy dark eye, Batman. And, hey, what's with the Rachel McAdams obsession?
Say me: Yeah, I know...I sort of love her.
Now, truthfully, I don't know if I could pull that off. But I'm willing to give something similar a try. Not quite so dark and heavy, but I like the overall idea. So I had planned to print that picture out to take to Sephora with me for their little 15-minute trial thingy. And then...on Friday...I got a call from the salon where we're all getting our hair done for the wedding - they're offering makeup now, too! So I could just have them do it! Yippee!!! I am going to trial it, of course, a few weeks before the wedding to make sure I like what they do, but I'm pretty confident that I will. The salon is owned by two guys I went to high school with, and is staffed by mostly people that I grew up with, including one of my closest friends from high school (who will be doing my hair) and one of my psuedo-little-sisters. They all always look absolutely flawless (in part because they're just naturally beautiful girls), so...I feel pretty good about the idea of someone in that salon doing my makeup for the day.
It's all coming together. I'm having way too much fun with all of this!

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