Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl!

It's Super Bowl Week!!  Every year, Matt and I throw a big Super Bowl Party at our house.  We started the tradition 6 years ago in our apartment, and we always have so much fun.  But my favorite part of the party?  All the yummy cooking I get to do!!!

Tradition (at least, since we moved into our house and I had room to make it) has been that I make home-made stromboli.  It's a recipe I got from my mom and it's super easy.  And always a big hit.  I make the dough, and then once that has a chance to rise, I layer the meats and cheeses on - hard salami, provolone, pepperoni, mozzarella, and boiled ham.  Top it off with some mustard and oregano.  Yum-o! 

I also make a few different dips, including spinach dip with water chestnuts and buffalo chicken wing dip.  The chicken wing dip is amazing and usually gone within about 15 minutes.  It tastes just like wings and is seriously one of the best dips ever. 

This year I'm also making chili.  We usually order pizzas to go with the stromboli, but I came across this amazing recipe for chili so we decided to make that instead.'s so good.

I also decided to make cake balls this year.  Black and Gold, for my Steelers.  I already make those this weekend, because they'll keep for a while.  The black turned out more grey, but I had already been playing with the colors for 5 minutes and was losing my patience.  So, Steel Grey works, right?  For the Steelers?  I say it does. 

Once I start making all the food, I'll post pictures and recipes.  Remember, this is not a food blog, so they won't be super drool-worthy pictures.  But I love any opportunity where I get to cook and bake a lot, so I always love the party.  

Matt's birthday is tomorrow and I have no gift for him.  Oops.  Bad Wifey.  I didn't plan his birthday so well this year.  Gonna spend my day today brainstorming what to get him....

In the meantime...  HERE WE GO, STEELERS!!!

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