Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrate Love

Ahhh, Valentine's Day.  That precious Hallmark and Hershey's holiday.  I love Valentine's Day.  I have since I was a child.  Every Valentine's morning, my sister and I would open our bedroom doors to an array of red items - socks, cinammon hearts, chapstick, etc - with a note or card signed "The Valentine's Frog."  So sweet, my parents.  My mom still sends us Valentine's Day cards in the mail.  

I came home from work on Friday to a lovely bouquet of Stargazer Lilies and purple Irises.  Matt ordered them early so that I wouldn't have to carry them to dinner and home on the train on Monday.  Such a thoughtful boy.  We have dinner reservations at a restaurant we've been wanting to try in Philly.  It's an Italian restaurant that specializes in the cuisine of the region of Italy that Matt's grandparents came from, Abbruzzo.  We're really excited to give it a shot and throw some respect to past generations of his family.  

I got Matt a new iPod Shuffle.  He's been hemming and hawing about getting an MP3 player to use at the gym, and so I just bit the bullet for him and got him the Shuffle.  I figure that will be perfect for him.  He can load it with gym songs and just hit play while he's working out.  Seems like he's really excited about it, which I always love.  Nothing makes me happier than making him happy.  

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!! 

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