Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, About Charlie Sheen...

I read this blog post yesterday and found it very interesting.  Charlie Sheen has issues.  Big Time Issues.  From the drug use to the domestic violence to the apparent lack of remorse or personal concern about either one, there's something going very wrong inside that man.  That makes me sad.  Sad for him.  Sad for his family.  Sad for his daughters.  But what I find even sadder (more sad?) is that his so-called friends and colleagues aren't recognizing the problem and taking action to make it stop. 

Look, I've never watched Two and a Half Men.  The premise of the show never appealed to me.  And I found that kid obnoxious.  So I can't say if it's a show worth saving.  I'm not here to make that decision.  I also never watched it because I refused to support a man who admitted to abusing not one but two of his wives.  And then this happened.  And this.  Then he went to rehab.  Then he left rehab after deciding he could be treated at home.  And most recently, he gave an interview stating that he thinks he needs to get back to work.  Whoa.  That is some heavy heavy stuff. 

That interview is scary.  I mean, he's basically saying that crack is ok, as long as you can still function on a day-to-day basis.  Is that what you'd call a "functioning crackhead?"  Like a functioning alcoholic?  And then he's essentially threatening CBS like "If you don't put me back to work now - right now - this sober moment isn't going to last forever."  He claims that he never showed up on set drunk or high, but often was so "tired" that he had to ask the director to move his mark closer to a piece of furniture so he could lean on it. "tired" from all those binge/orgy parties he's been attending.  Not only does he have serious substance abuse problems, but the man is in some major denial. 

It's time for CBS to take some action.  Cancel the show.  Or at least suspend filming until Charlie Sheen is actually sobered up.  Or replace him.  Addicts have to hit bottom in order to realize they really need help.  If CBS continues to employ him (and pay him $1.8 million per episode!), they are only contributing to the problem.  They are enabling his drug use and erratic behavior.  And yes, I realize that there are hundreds of crew members whose actual livelihood depends on this show.  But if it were me, I'd rather know that the show is ending and start to try to find other work than continue to wait around, wondering if my job is actually going to happen on a day to day basis.  Because, despite what anyone says, he can't possibly have been a reliable member of the team. 

If Charlie's not willing to admit the problem and do something about it himself, then the people around him are going to have to do it for him.  And sometimes, that means abandoning him (the addict) and letting him fall to his absolute rock bottom.  So be it.  Something needs to get through to him.

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