Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caught up

Today is the day I'm finally catching up with all the Reverb prompts.  I'm skipping quite a few, but...I think you'll live. 

Day 14 - Appreciation - What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year?  How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

I am grateful for the people in my life who give me the room to be who I am.  Who don't (and haven't ever) judge the decisions I make.  And who leave me alone to live the life I want to live.  This year, I was made severely aware of people who over-involve themselves in my life and in my day-to-day decisions.  While I know their intentions are good, I still find it frustrating.  So now I have a much greater appreciation for the people who know that I like to do things on my own and will ask for help if/when I need it.

Day 15 - 5 Minutes - Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in 5 minutes.  Set an alarm for 5 minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.  (Author: Patti Digh)

Ringing in the year with my new fiance (and newly-minted engagement ring).  Trying on MY wedding dress.  Being surprised by all my closest friends and family at my bridal shower.  Being surprised again by my co-workers at my work bridal shower.  Using our new KitchenAid stand mixer for the first time.  Visiting my best friend in the hospital after she gave birth to her 2nd son.  Watching my other best friend get married.  Sitting on the piano at Jolly's at my bachelorette party.  Trying escargot for the first time.  Saying our vows.  Riding the trolley with my new husband and our wedding party.  Our first dance.  Laying in bed, scared by the hurricane, but at the same time feeling safe because Matt was next to me.  Celebrating our "first" Christmas.  Making my first creme brulee...and finding that it was much easier than I thought it would be.   *DING!*

Day 18 - Try - What do you want to try next year?  Was there something you wanted to try in 2010?  What happened when you did/didn't go for it?  (Author: Kaileen Elise)

For next year, I want to try more seafood.  I've spent my whole life refusing to eat seafood.  I'm not really sure why.  I think some of it has to do with the fact that I don't like the smell of it.  Some of it has to do with the fact that my dad is allergic to it.  And some of it is just me being difficult, ha ha.  I've started branching out a bit.  I'm now a HUGE fan of scallops and lobster.  I'll eat crab, but I wouldn't choose it over other things.  I'm working my way into fish - I do really like Tilapia.  I'd like to try shark and sample a few other fish.  I'll never go for shrimp or clams or oysters.  It is what it is.  In my weird mind, if I get to salmon, I will have conquered my issues with seafood.

I was super-excited to try ziplining on our honeymoon.  We had the excursion booked and paid for before we even left for St. Lucia.  The morning we had it scheduled, we got a phone call saying that the excursion was cancelled.  Hurricane Tomas hit the island, and that was the end to my ziplining dreams.  For now.

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