Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Letter to Me

I sure have fallen behind, haven't I?  Well, it's tough to do daily blogging during the holidays!  Matt and I spend a LOT of time traveling for the holidays, so it's tough to get a few minutes to sit down and check my email, let alone write a blog post.  Seriously, I felt like we spent more time driving around than we did actually visiting with our families.  At one point, I looked at him and said, "Once we have kids, they can come to us.  I'm not doin this with car seats and diaper bags and pack-and-plays...this is nonsense!"  So, needless to say, I slacked on the blogging.  So, I'm just going to do a few of my favorites from Reverb10 and then move on.

Day Twenty-One - Future Self - Imagine yourself five years from now.  What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself ten years ago.  What would you tell your younger self?)  (Author: Jenny Blake)

Dear 31-year-old Erin, 

Don't let anyone tell you that squealing over the words "my husband" 2 months - or 10 months - after your wedding is silly.  It's not.  Revel in the newly-wedded bliss as long as you want to.  Speaking of, people are going to ask you about babies.  Don't get pissy.  Just tell them, "We've talked about it" and move on. 

Stop wasting so much money on stupid stuff.  You don't really need that pair of pants or that cute dress.  If you want to have babies, you will need to learn to save your money.  Babies are expensive. 

Along the same lines, get to the gym.  You're paying for a membership and complaining about gaining weight from the honeymoon - do something about it.  Quit bitching and start moving.

Enjoy your one-on-one time with Matt.  Take trips, go out on dates...keep doing what you've been doing, but step it up, if you can.  Once the babies start coming, those opportunities will be few and far between.  Take advantage now. 

Call your friends more.  Skype with people who are far away.  Stop crying over missing your girlfriends and get in some face time!

Your job is rough, but you have the job you set out to do - enjoy it and do it well.  Don't let stupid politics ruin what your heart knows is the right thing for you.

Most of all, enjoy yourself.  Treat yourself to an occasional indulgence.  You have 2 spa certificates that are over a year old - why haven't you used them?!  Get to the spa and get a massage.  Now.

36-year-old Erin


Dear 21-year-old Erin,

You are in for a rough couple of years.  But because we don't believe in regret, I won't tell you how to change or avoid them.  Just what to do better.

In September of this year, the world will change in the blink of an eye.  It's going to be scary and there will be lots of uncertainty.  Rely on your friends for support. 

Don't wait so long to ask for help.  You. Did. Nothing. Wrong.  Ask for the help you know you need.

Pittsburgh is good for your soul.  Stay longer and visit more often.

Here's a tip - when you're in Europe and the strap on your under-the-clothing passport wallet breaks, GET A NEW ONE.  No one likes spending 5 hours in the U.S. Embassy in Madrid and having to cut their trip short by a week.  Just spend the money, replace the wallet, and keep your passport and money close to you at all times.  Then enjoy that last week in Europe!

Don't waste so much time on Doug.  He's not going to change. 

Stick with Matt.  Give him the room he needs.  He'll be back.  The end result will please you.

31-year-old Erin

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