Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Remember my grand plan for my emergency kits? And for the OOTs? Well, I started thinking, "Umm...hey, dummy...those are great ideas, but where are you going to find the travel packets of pills and other such minis? They don't exactly sell them in bulk at Target!" Ooops! I was right. While they sell lots of minis (mini lint brushes, mini mouthwash, mini shampoos, etc), they don't sell those travel packets of pills. What's worse is they don't sell packets of Gulden's Spicy Mustard, which we need for the pretzels in the OOTs. Rut-roh! What's a girl to do?

Enter You guys, this site is awesome. You can order a miniature version of just about anything you can dream of. Seriously. AND you can order any amount. While looking for the Gulden's mustard, everything was minimum orders of 500 packets. I don't need 500 packets. I don't even need 200. I need maybe 150. In my searching and searching and Googling and Googling, I thought for sure I was doomed to have 350 packets of Gulden's Spicy Mustard laying around my house for the next 800 years. And then I discovered Minimus. It'll let me order 150 packets of mustard. For $0.10 each! SCORE!!!

They have just about any medication you could possibly imagine.  And toiletry items (it would be a fantastic resource for those of you doing bathroom baskets).  And household items (need a mini bottle of Tide, perhaps?).  Need some baby items?  They even have a honeymoon kit that includes not only the items from their men's and women's carry-on kits, but also items from their "kama sutra" kit (think massage lotion, body dust, etc).  Hilarious!

I'm definitely gonna spend some dough at this place to get our OOTs and emergency kits fully stocked!  Awesomesauce!!

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