Monday, September 20, 2010

Vendor Crush

Shhh...don't tell Matt!  But I totally have a crush on our DJ.  Not, like, a crush-crush (like what I had on Matt in high school).  But seriously?  I heart him.  A lot.

We met with Mike from Mixed Up Productions yesterday.  It was only the second time I'd ever spoken to him, and the first time we actually met (we did our "interview" over the phone).  As soon as we met, I felt like we'd all been friends for years.  He immediately made us feel at ease and like he wanted to help us make our wedding exactly what we want and fun! 

Mixed Up Productions has a great interactive website where you can provide your must-play list, set your wedding/reception schedule, and tell them what your special songs need to be.  You can choose whether or not to do the bouquet/garter toss, anniversary dance, wedding party dance....anything.  You specify everything to make it your night!  It's a great tool, and since we had used that already, Mike had a lot of our info already.  He helped Matt to narrow down options for the mother-son dance, since he and his mom still haven't decided on a song.  When we told him that our first dance is "Chasing Cars," he loved it.  When we asked him if there was a way to cut the song down, he said, "Absolutely!  After we're done her, I'll take you into the studio and we can do it this morning!"  What?!  We went through the sequence of events and figured out timing for everything.  We talked about our current must-play list and our do-not play list.  He helped us figure out if some of our must-plays should play during dinner or the reception.  All in all, he was great.

Once we finished figuring all of that out, he took us into the studio so he could cut back Chasing Cars.  While he made a digital copy of the song, he took us on a tour of the radio station (we met him at his office, which is in the local Clear Channel Broadcasting studios - for Central PA readers, that's The River 97.3, Kiss 99.3, Bob 94.9, and a couple talk stations).  So not only did we get a great meeting with our DJ but we also got a tour of the radio station!  Bonus!  Anyway, after a brief tour, we went back into the studio, where he played around with our song, and ended up with a great cut that is just over 3 minutes rather than its usual almost-5 minutes.  I think I saw Matt's nerves lifting in front of me.  Yippee!! 

On top of all this, he gave us a great suggestion to make dinner time a bit more interesting.  You know the annoying "clink your glass and make the bride and groom kiss" thing?  I hate that stupid thing.  If I could, I would have plastic silverware and plastic cups, just so our guests couldn't do this.  I can't stand it.  Mike suggested that we can turn it into a game.  Every time people click their glasses, he'll call out another couple and make them kiss first, and then we have to copy whatever they do.  We'll supply a list of couples that we think would participate and have fun with it.  Mike said it's fun, funny, sometimes creepy, and people generally love it.  He said it can have 1 of 2 effects - either people get into it and have fun with it, or people stop clinking glasses because they don't want to be next!  Ha!  I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and Matt and I already came up with a great list of couples to give him.  

So...yeah...I'm crushing a little on Mike.  Oh well.  How else are you supposed to feel about someone who makes it so clear that he's going to do everything he can to make your day even better?! 

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  1. He sounds great and that couples kissing idea is interesting!