Monday, September 27, 2010

Tell Us a Story (pic heavy!)

I want our wedding pictures to tell the story of our day.  Not to show us standing around, formally posed, looking awkward and like we're dying to get moving already!  Or totally awkward poses, like "Ok, wedding party, watch the bride and groom kiss and act like you're really thrilled about it!"  Ugh.  But I wasn't sure how to convey this to our photographer without being like, "Um, hey...don't make our wedding pictures suck."  So, I started searching for inspiration.  Man, there's lots of inspiration out there!  Ready?

I love these of the wedding party:

We're having a trolley!
I feel like this bride is thinking, "Ahhh...I love my girls!"
Hershey has a really similar crosswalk...
I love this picture of the guys walking into the ceremony
That gorgeous bride in the middle is my friend Lauren (sniped from her facebook page)
Also from Lauren's wedding
This bride is my friend Davina (sniped from her facebook)
Davina's hubby and GM - this picture makes me think of the movie Reservoir Dogs
From our photographer!
There's just something I love about this
Yay!  Love fest!
But wait, there's more!  How great are these of the couple?

I love how the focus is ever-so-slightly more on the flowers
Lauren and her hubby again.  I love this one
Woo-hoo!  We're married!
And these detail shots?!  

I die!

I die again!
Another gorgeous shot from our photographer
I like this askew photo (from our photographer again)
I want our photographer to take a picture like this of our program!
And one like this of my grandmother's ring on my bouquet
There are a few in that big old list from our photographer, Everlasting Images in Hershey.  We fell in love with their photos the first time we saw them.  They send their images off to a publisher in Italy for this fancy finish, and the books have a metallic look to them.  It's impossible to capture on the internet, but just trust me that they are absolutely amazing.  When we met with them to book them, they told us that one of their shooters loves to photograph at the Antique Auto Museum, and was actually planning her own wedding there.  So we're really excited that she's going to be one of our photographers for the day.

*All images, unless otherwise noted, are from the fabulous Style Me Pretty.

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  1. I really need to get on collecting shots for my photographer to take. These are cute!