Monday, October 4, 2010

Cakes I Wish I'd Seen First...

O. M. G.  I follow Cake Wrecks blog because it's hysterical and snarky and the cakes are just so pathetic.  It features pictures of professional cakes that have gone "horribly hilariously wrong."  You can't help but love it.  But every Sunday they do Sunday Sweets, which actually features really amazing cakes.  This weeks Sunday Sweets?  Peacock cakes!!  I so wish I'd seen these before we designed our cake.  These are just incredible.  Check them out:

Holy hand-painted-ness!

I love these feathers

And the gold and ivory on this is so pretty and simple

I love how abstract and geometrical this looks

Ack!  Mosaic!  I die.
And these feathers?  Awesome.

Seriously, you guys.  Those cakes are amazing.  I heart them.  And I'm a little bit jealous of the brides who had them at their wedding.

*All photos from Cake Wrecks.

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