Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guest List

It's October 2.  3 weeks until our wedding.  1 day after our RSVP deadline.  43% of our guests have not RSVP'd.  That's annoying, you guys. 

I know that many other brides have lamented this in the past, but... Seriously!  How hard is it?  Write your name on a card, check the little line that says you're coming or you're not, and pick a meal.  Slide said card into the self-addressed stamped envelope and drop it in the mail!  Come on!  It's so rude to assume that if you're not coming you don't need to send in the reply.  Um, last time I checked, I am not a mind-reader.  So while you may assume that's appropriate behavior, I am not assuming you're not coming.  Instead, I am panicking about what I'm going to do if you do show up.  

I wish it was more acceptable to hire a bouncer to stand outside the reception with a guest list.  If you're not on the list, you don't come in.  That's it.  If you can't be bothered to do something as simple as mail in a card, then I can't be bothered to worry about feeding you on my parents' dime.  Unfortunately, bouncers are "frowned-upon" in the wedding world.  Which I totally get.  You usually see bouncers on shows like Bridezillas where there is some crazy family feud or something.  Or on Platinum Weddings where there are some VIPs expected to attend and security is a concern.  Our wedding is neither of those things.  And I am not about to be labeled a Bridezilla.  I think I've been pretty laid back and low-key through this whole process.  But this is really getting my panties in a wad.

Granted my parents have been out of town this week, so there are likely some additional response cards waiting for them in their mail, which they'll get to tomorrow.  But I highly doubt that all 74 of our so-far-unreceived responses are in there.  And it's annoying.  But, it is what it is.  We'll start making phone calls and sending emails and facebook messages to people to make sure we get their responses.  And if they never answer?  Well, then hopefully they won't be surprised when they show up and have no where to sit and have to go out to dinner instead of eating the amazing food that JDK is cooking up for us.

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  1. Girl, I feel you. It's frustrating! Make those phone calls!