Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Getting Married is Awesome

Aside from, you know, marrying the person you love and having a big day to celebrate with all of your closest friends and relatives and getting a bunch of presents and taking a honeymoon and all that jazz.

Dude!  You get a letter from the President!  And the First Lady.

Ok, well, not automatically.  First, you have to invite them.  Yup, that's right - send one of your wedding invitations to the White House, and you get a letter back from them!  Signed and everything!* 

I saw this a couple of times in the various wedding boards.  Project Wedding provides the address for the President, Mickey Mouse, and the Pope.  Another website suggested sending one to your favorite celebrity, too.  We only sent one to President Obama.  We sent it out with all of our "regular" invitations, back in mid-August.  We just received this yesterday:


How freakin cool is that?!?  I heart wedding planning.

*It's a pre-printed signature.  I did the smudge test.  But still...too cool.  But, our address, on the front - definitely hand-written.  It was all rain-drop smudged.  I am telling myself Michelle did it.

*All personal photos.

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