Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hershey in my Heart

Not sure if you've heard the news, but Central PA is under water, you guys.  Lots of water.  Feet of water.  Here are a few pictures from around Hershey, my hometown.  My heart aches every time I look at them.

Hershey is surrounded by a few very small creeks.  Small creeks that have now completely overflowed and spilled into...well, all of Hershey.  I spoke to my dad last night, and he said downtown Hershey is basically an island - you can't get in, can't get out.

Here are some pictures from Hershey Park.  And ZooAmerica, which is the small zoo attached to the Park.  The zoo staff actually had to euthanize 2 of the buffalo yesterday because they were drowning.  The flooding started so quickly, they couldn't get them out in time.  They thought euthanizing them would be more humane then letting them drown.

This is a road I took every single day of my life while I lived in Hershey.  It's literally falling apart.

And this is pictures from my in-laws' house.  The first is of the "road" out front.  The second is of the parking lot of the KinderCare day care next door.  And their driveway.  In between the two, is a storm ditch that is about 8 feet deep.  It was meant to hold up to a 100-year flood.  Fail!

Matt's parents' basement flooded.  And their sewer backed up into the basement.  ICK.  My mom and step-dad, and my dad, are all safe and have no damage.  My friends are all ok.  Thank God.  This is completely unprecedented for Hershey to have this much flooding.

Sending love, prayers, and virtual hugs to all our friends and family in the area....


  1. Oh my gosh, that’s so awful! We had flooding like this a few years ago and it cut some people off for weeks. I hope the water recedes soon. Those poor buffalo! A farm here wasn’t able to get to their cattle in time and their entire herd drowned. It’s amazing how much damage water can do.

  2. That is absolutely awful =-( Sending good thoughts their way.

  3. Wow these pictures are beyond surreal! Hope everything turns out well in the long run! I cannot even imagine!