Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY - Three Down!

We are banging out the DIY projects like it's our job! This one, in particular, was really fun. We spent a few minutes each night for the past week or so printing, cutting, and folding our place card holders - the cootie catchers (or fortune tellers)!

So how did we do this? I downloaded the template for the cootie catchers
here. I copied it and created 3 separate slides in powerpoint. We came up with some trivia questions, and each slide had slightly different questions for the trivia on the "petals" of the catcher. I went through each slide and made all the inner lines invisible, but left the outer square there so we'd have a guide for cutting them. We printed them on some ivory paper (think resume paper), and cut them using my new rotary trimmer (one of my most important investments for this DIY process!). Once they were all cut, we started folding. As our guests approach the place cards table, they will be greeted with the cootie catchers looking like this:

But they'll have a card in them stating the guest's/couple's names and their table assignment. Once they get them to their table and start playing with them, they'll reveal some fun trivia about me and Matt. There are some questions about me, some about Matt, and some about us as a couple:
The answers are under the flaps, of course. And when the cootie catcher is fully opened up, they'll see their menu for the evening!
I seriously cannot wait to see people playing with these and quizzing each other on our trivia. I suspect that there will be very few people who actually know all of the answer. We have had so much fun making them. See?

I kid you not when I tell you that each one I folded, I played with it.

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