Monday, June 7, 2010

DIY - Two Down!

I had absolutely no intention of giving myself another DIY project. None, I tell you. And yet, as I was perusing Weddingbee, I came across the post of one Miss Frog and found myself desperately wanting to do cute little tissue packets.

People are going to cry at our wedding. I mean, not to sound, like, whatever, but they will. It's been a long time coming, we've been through some serious stuff, and people are crazy happy that we're finally taking this next step. Not that people aren't usually crazy happy about people getting married, but...whatever. You get the point. Not to mention, we have friends/families who are really emotional. I mean it. My mom and I cry at commercials. It's sick. So yeah...there will be plenty of tears during our ceremony. People might as well have something cute to cry into, right?

I echoed most of what Miss Frog did. After looking at both Michael's and A.C. Moore, I decided that I should also check out ebay for the glassine envelopes. I ended up getting them there, ordering 3 sets of 20, for about $4. I honestly didn't think I'd use them all, but I thought, "Well, it'll be good to have extra." And I got ribbon from Michael's - I ended up using 2 spools each of brown and green - only $2. I found the tissues at Target - I bought 2 packs of 60 tissues for $2. I also picked up address labels at Target - 10 pages of 80 labels for about $5.

I stuffed 2 miniature tissues into each glassine envelope, then tied a ribbon around it (like a present). I put the bow on the side where the envelope is open, so people can open up the ribbon and easily open the envelope without having to deal with the sticker. I printed the stickers with a cute little saying I came across on another Weddingbee post (I'm a little bit, possibly unhealthily, obsessed with that blog) - "Tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of happily ever after..." I placed one sticker across the "intersection" of the ribbon. Finished product:

I mean, not to toot my horn or anything, cute are they? I'm planning to put them in a basket draped with ivory or navy blue fabric - whatever I happen to have readily available (it just might end up being a pillowcase....shhhh....). They'll be at the front of the church, so people can grab a packet as they're heading into the wedding. I can't wait to see people tearing into them during our ceremony, and wiping away their tears of joy...

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