Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Food! Part 3 (The Cake)

Sorry! I did the first 2 food posts and then got caught up with everything else that was happening wedding-wise! So here we are, back to the food for the event... You've seen the dinner choices and, if you're anything like me, you've drooled over the appetizers. So are you ready for the cake? Cuz it's gonna be awesome.

Ok, well, aesthetically it's not going to be all that special. It'll be something like this:

Except just 3 tiers - round, square, round. All three tiers will be white, but they will have that swiss dot decoration. Obviously the flowers will be different. And the ribbon around the bottom of each tier? One of the best parts - navy blue, apple green, and brown fondant, all braided/mushed together to make a tie-dyed awesome-ness of color to match our wedding colors!
We're getting our cake from Linda's Cakery, in Mt. Joy. She offers tons of flavors and fillings, and as I perused the website, I was thinking, "Seriously, how do I even choose?" When I spoke to her to schedule our tasting, she said she'd come up with some good options for us to try. I trusted her. Everything I read on the internets told me I should, so...I did.

And boy am I glad. She started us off with...well, honestly I don't remember. We tried a few, but the first one that really stuck out was a turtle cake, which she'd just made specially for a bridal show she was doing later that day, but she let us try a piece. It was good, but...meh, not quite what we were looking for. Next she brought out a french vanilla cake with raspberry ganache. It was all downhill from there...and I mean that in a really good way. Man, that cake was awesome! Then she gave us the pink champage cake with strawberry whip filling. It was all. over. Holy crap, that was honest-to-goodness the best thing I've ever tasted in my life.

So, we decided to do the following: a sheet cake of chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (this is a favorite among many people in our families/friends). Then, the bottom tier of the "real cake" will be the french vanilla and raspberry ganache, and the top 2 tiers will be the pink champagne and strawberry whip. All of them will be covered in Linda's white chocolate buttercream icing, which is for-real to-die for.

On a side note, we decided to skip the whole save-the-top-layer-and-eat-it-a-year-later thing. It just sounds absolutely disgusting to us. Plus, we save a ton of money by not having her make a layer that is just going to look pretty and then sit in our freezer for a year. We decided we'd rather go out and get a nice dessert somewhere in the City. Don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal of pulling out your wedding cake a year later, remembering how pretty it was and how awesome the day was, but...that's what pictures are for. I don't need to eat stale/frozen cake to remember how fantastic our wedding was. I'm fairly certain that October 23, 2010 is a day that I will never forget.

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