Monday, May 30, 2011

Man-Candy Monday

A bit late.  But it's still Monday.

Matt and I are sitting at home right now watching last season of Rescue Me.  The new season starts in a couple of weeks, and we need to catch up.  It's been a year since season 5 ended and we kind of forget how it happened.  Now that we're watching it, I'm glad we're catching up.

Anyway!  This week's man-candy is Steve Pasquale.  Not only is he kiiiinda hot, but he also is from our hometown!  Matt was friends with him in high school, and I used to take dance classes with his younger sister.  Cool, huh?  So, with no further ado...

Firefighter?  How can ya not?!

He's a cutie, no?  Link on up with Join the Gossip and join the good times!

*all images from google