Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What to Do

So I'm trying to decide what to do with my wedding dress.  We're 7 months out from our wedding (today!) and my dress has yet to be cleaned.  It's currently hanging in the little closet in the Grapes room.  Just hanging there.  Sad.  Lonely. 

I want to do something with it.  I'm realistic enough to know that my daughter will probably not wear it, so I don't want to just save it for saving-it's sake.  But I also can't really bring myself to sell it.  Or destroy it. dress had a small train on it.  I am thinking of cutting off the train and doing something with that fabric, but still keeping the rest of the dress relatively in tact.  Just in case my daughter is a wanna-be hippie like me. 

So I'm debating between two different options.  One is making a christening dress out of the fabric.  Well, actually, giving my dress to my mom and having her make a christening dress out of the fabric.  My mom was a home ec major in college, so any time anything needs any kind of sewing, I hand it over to Mom! 

My other idea is to make a wreath.  Kind of like this.


I could wrap the fabric around a styrofoam loop, then add some fabric flowers.  Flowers in our wedding colors.  And a peacock feather?  I don't know.  Something along those lines. 

I think I'm leaning more towards the wreath.  It's something we can hang on our wall and always have a piece of our wedding day to look at without it being obvious.  It would be like our little secret. 

What did you do with your wedding dress?  


  1. I like the idea of making the christening dress. I just know when we were little girls we loved when our mom would pull out her wedding dress from the hopchest to show us what she married my father in. Over the years she has taken small portions of it off as she is a seamstress as well and made small keepsakes..for example on my sisters wedding day she made her a little pouch out of a small piece of the dress and somehow affixed into the inside of her dress as her something old. It was very specia to my sister.

  2. My dress is still sitting in my closet. It's HUGE and is taking up way too much space. I want to sell it, but I'm so short that I think it might be tough. Plus, I ripped out a bunch of crinoline and changed a little bit of the dress from the original design so I don't know if someone will buy it.