Monday, May 9, 2011

Nerd Alert!

You guys.  I love Harry Potter.  Possibly more than any book or movie series ever.  My sister gave me my first Harry Potter book back a thousand years ago when it first came out, and since then I have devoured them.  I have read them over and over.  I have pre-ordered new books so that they arrive on my doorstep on the day of release.  I have gone to see every single movie in the theater.  I have purchased (or had purchased for me) every movie.  I have the special edition books (The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and Harry's schoolbooks).  I have a Harry Potter keychain.  And a pewter Harry Potter Christmas ornament that does not hang on my tree but rather sits in its box on my bookshelf.  On display.  In our living room.

Yes, I realize that I am 32 and not 12.  But there's something about these books that just totally suck me in.  It is the first series where I really feel like I lost myself in the book.  Where I really believed that a place like Hogwarts existed.  Where I really tried to picture what a hippogriff looked like and how butterbeer tasted.  I love seeing the movies not only because I love seeing the stories come to life, but also because I love seeing how closely my imagination of these things matches the director (who, as you know, consulted a lot with J.K. Rowling). 

So, because of my love of all things Harry Potter, I was bored the other day and started playing on Pinterest and Etsy.  Here are a few Harry Potter things I just luuuuuurve.



I don't do tattoos, but this might make me reconsider

Hogwarts snuggie?!  Yes, please!

I wish I could pull these off!

So true

And for future Erin/Matt babies...

Gryffindor beanie!


For the nursery wall
So?  Am I a huge dork, or what?


  1. I think you should totally go for those harry potter glasses! you can pull it off!

  2. I totally heart Harry Potter also. As for the onsie and wall decor - LOVE!!! When the mister and I decide to start TTC, I'll have to add them to the shopping list. Ha!