Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Pinterest

Thank you for being my new timesuck.  No, really.  Facebook is getting a little old.  I can only look at pictures of my friends' kids so much, you know?  But looking at hundreds of random pictures of beautiful places and funny kids and lovely quotes?  Yes, please! 

I am relatively new to the Pinterest scene, but my oh my, do I love you.  So to show my appreciation, I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.


So, here are my Pinterest favorites for the week, which really, are my favorite pins of all-time, since this is my first OHPW.

I am completely in love with the mug shot birth announcement, and I am totally doing it for our first kid.  Because, like the first quote says, nonsense wakes up the brain cells.  And every likes a happy brain cell.  I also love the one that has the quote from "Chasing Cars," and I actually may see if I can somehow print and frame that, since that was our wedding song. 

Link up and join the fun!

*all photos from my Pinterest


  1. I love all of these, and trust me, I'm with you on the whole Pinterest thing! I'm OBSESSED with that website!

  2. We were going to have Chasing Cars as our wedding song too but changed it to Stolen by Dashboard Confessional as the wedding got closer. I still think of Chasing Cars as "our song". I just joined Pinterest today and now I see how easily it is to become obsessed. The mug shot baby pic is adorable and I'm loving that Wonder Woman apron.

  3. I love Pinterest too...

    I did a post about it a couple months ago,
    and I love what I'm seeing there.
    I waste way too much time in there...
    but I think it really says what a good thing it really is ♥

  4. Love the ones with the hands, and the mugshot, and the quote about laughing about our own jokes. haha! ;) Totally made my day.