Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weathering the...Weather

Alright, so it's about 175 million degrees out.  Seriously.  It is so hot, it literally punches you in the face as soon as you step outside.  Ok, well not literally.  The air can't literally punch you in the face.  That would be crazy!

Kind of fortunately, I'm stuck inside at work.  And my work is very much air conditioned.  Not that being at work is my favorite way to escape the heat and stay cool, but - hey - it works.  In an ideal world, I'd be doing any of these things.  

Riding a lazy river.  I love lazy rivers.  The summer I lived in Pittsburgh, for grad school, I had the most kickass summer job on the planet.  I was a counselor for the travel day camp at the Jewish Community Center.  Basically, I got paid to hang out with my best friends, keep an eye on some kids, and go to water parks, amusement parks, pools, and mini-golf.  Water park days were my favorite, because my friends and I would spend our time just riding around the lazy river.  So relaxing.  So fun. 

Or my ass would be parked at a swim-up bar.  Whoever had the genius idea to put seats in a pool in front of a bar was, well, a genius.  I'd like to shake his hand.  Maybe I'd even kiss him.  Swim-up bars are the greatest thing in the world.  You stay cool.  You get a nice tan.  And you drink.  Win-win-win.

Or sitting on a swing on a big porch, with ceiling fans going, sipping a tall glass of ice-cold sweet tea.  What is it about sweet tea that just instantly cools you down?  My friend Abriel lives in Georgia, and this is what I picture her doing every day of her life.  It makes me want to move down there with her.

Instead, I'm at work.  Slaving away in the air conditioning.  Kids are getting out of school early today.  Um, we never got out of school for hot weather.  Ridiculous.  Buck up, kiddos! 

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?


  1. I love that porch, i feel like I could live my whole life out there!

  2. Great minds think alike and I would be right there at the swim-up bar with you sipping on a fruity cocktail. I also wouldn't mind a trip to the water park this summer. Floating along in the lazy river is bliss!