Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Fact Friday!

I'm writing this a few days early and setting it up to post on Friday because I won't be around to blog on Friday.  I have off Thursday and Friday (woo-hoo!) to spend some real quality time with my dad.  Wednesday night after work I'm hitting the Turnpike and heading to Hershey.  Early early early on Thursday morning, my dad and I are waking up and hitting the road to Bethesda, Maryland.  Why Bethesda, Maryland on a random Thursday, you ask?

Well, this week the U.S. Open starts!  My dad got tickets and I decided to go.  I thought a) it would be great to spend some time with Dad and b) how fun will it be to watch a real life golf tournament in person?  Unfortunately, no Tiger this year - he withdrew from the tournament last week.  But still, plenty of great golfers will be there.  I'm pretty excited! 

Anywho, this week's fun facts are all about - what else - golf!

~125,000 balls are hit into the water every year at hole 17 at Sawgrass Stadium Course.  Surprised?  Don't be.

 ~ Average driver speeds (speed of swinging the club): average woman golfer, 68mph; LPGA woman golfer, 96mph; average male golfer, 84mph; PGA male golfer, 108mph; Tiger Woods, 130mph.  Really wish Tiger hadn't dropped out.

~ There are 336 dimples on a golf ball

~ 22.8% of golfers are women.  I'm trying to join that statistic!

~ From September 14, 1963 till October 4, 1964, Floyd Satterlee Rood played golf across the United States.  It took him 114,737 strokes and cost him 3,511 balls to get across the 3,397.7 mile "course."

~ Americans spend more than $600 million on golf balls every year.  I'm guessin that's a lot of lost balls.

~ There are 3 golf balls on the moon.

~ The longest drive ever recorded is 515 yards (that's 5+ football fields!).  The longest putt is 375 feet.  What I'd like to know is who is 375 feet from the pin and decides to pull out their putter?!

~ The chances of making 2 holes-in-one in a single round is 1 in 67 million.

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*all images from google


  1. Some very interesting facts!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Funny! 3 golf balls on the moon? Sweet! ;) hahaha.

    Have a good weekend.