Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snack Attack

I don't know what's going on with me, but the past few months, I cannot. stop. snacking.  I never used to be a snacker.  Ok, that's not true.  I have very vivid memories of when I was younger, I used to have a snack when I got home from school, and then a snack before bedtime.  But I was younger, I was active, and my metabolism was running at an all-time high*.  I used to snack on weird stuff, too.  Salads.  Olives (black or green, I was olive-colorblind).  Pancake batter.  [Yes, I would mix up pancake batter, and then just drink it.  Like a shake.  Disgusting.]   Then I just stopped.  Sure, in college I would indulge in the occasional cafeteria sundae or late-night meal (mmm....Nap's pizza sticks...I still drool just thinking about them).  But for the most part, I ate my three meals and day and that was it.  Well, that and copious amounts of alcohol.  But that doesn't count, right?

Anyway, it went on like that for years.  Just eating my three meals and that was it.  I rarely snacked, rarely craved snacks (except for chocolate, clearly).  But even when I did snack, I had total control.  A handful of chips, a small bowl of ice cream, a small frappucino. 

Ever since our wedding, though, I am a snack-a-holic.  I can't stop myself.  I eat when I'm hungry.  I eat when I smell something.  I eat cuz I have nothing better to do.  It's gotten pretty bad, and I've packed on pounds.  I could probably still snack and keep the weight off (for the most part) if I could go to the gym regularly but 1) I hate the gym and 2) I have had a series of injuries/pains in my body over the past few months that have prevented me from going.  So instead, I snack, gain weight, get mad, and snack anyway. 

Matt and I are eating healthier.  I'm using lower-calorie/fat ingredients (like substituting 0% greek yogurt for sour cream), we're eating whole grain bread and pasta (which is actually higher in calories and fat, but has more nutritional benefits than it's white counterpart), and we're both exercising better portion control.  I'm being very stringent about this.  And yet, I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to snacking!

So, I'm trying to snack a little healthier.  Having grown up in Hershey, I am physically incapable of surviving without chocolate.  So, I bought a container of dark chocolate roasted almonds.  I also have a container of butter toffee roasted almonds.  They're yummy, low in saturated fat, high in protein...a healthy snack, right?  Plus, they satisfy my chocolate needs.  I am also officially obsessed with peanut butter.  Like, I could, in theory, sit with a jar and eat it by the spoonful.  Until it was gone.  Instead, I eat a spoonful when I get home from work.  I wish I liked apples, cuz I would bring in a small container and some apple slices for a snack at work.  I am trying to eat more fresh fruit.  I never was a big fruit-eater, but this summer, I am making an effort to buy fresh fruit, cut it up, and divide it into containers to bring to work.  Strawberries, mangoes, pineapple, watermelon, canteloupe...I'm loving it! 

What do you snack on?  Any other "healthy" snack ideas I should look into?

*Probably.  I have no scientific proof to support this statement.

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  1. OMG I am going through this now too..I normally eat three small meals a day..and THAT IS IT..normally no snacking but lately I love to snack. I bought two boxes of Oreos the other day because they were on sale and I polished them ALL off myself within a few that is bad!!