Monday, March 14, 2011

House Tour, Part 2

Yesterday, we explored the first floor.  Today, I'll show you second/third floor of our house.  See, our house is kind of a split level.  I mean, when you first walk in, you walk into one foor, but when you go upstairs, you actually only go up about 7 steps until you reach the second floor.  Then you go up 7 more steps and you reach the third floor, which is actually just our bedroom.  It's one of the things that made me fall in love with this house when we first saw it.  The different levels make it so interesting. 

So anyway. On the second level is our main bathroom and the two guest rooms.  One guest room is strictly that - a guest room.  The other one is Matt's "man cave," only not really cuz it has lavender walls.  But it has all his guy stuff in it, including his video game system.  The couch in the room is a pullout, so people do sleep in there when we have multiple guests.

So, here is the guest room.  We call it the Blue Room.  Wonder why?

This is my "corner" - my Bloomsburg and Pitt diplomas, and my Panther Pitt growl towel on the chair
Matt's corner - Penn State diploma, blanket, and photo of Beaver Stadium

And this is the Matt's room.  Also known as the Grapes room.  Matt and his brothers have this thing where if someone is grumpy, they say they're grapes (like sour grapes, I guess).  So this is the room where Matt goes when he's grapes.  And it has purple walls. 

The Hulk and the Three Stooges.  And his guitars
Matt's collectibles.  I really don't even know what else to call them.
His trophy shelf.  That golf ball is his hole-in-one ball.
It seriously cracks me up that Matt's "man cave" has lavendar walls.  Hilarious.

And now the bathroom.  I heart our bathroom.  Is that creepy?  Cuz I do.  With its red walls and black and white tile floor and claw-foot tub. 
Parisien shower curtain.  Random find at Target.
Yay!  Pedestal sink!
Up another set of 7 stairs, you come to our bedroom.  It's kind of our oasis.  With its pale aqua walls, it's so soothing in there.  There is only one small actual closet in our bedroom.  But the entire room has built in cabinets.  I use 2 of them as my closet.  We use one as storage.  And Matt uses one for his laundry basket and more storage.  It's pretty cool.

Built-in closets.  And my shoes.
The window seat.  Complete with picture of paradise.
So that's it.  Oh, and I almost forgot to show you our downstairs bathroom.  It has a shower in it, too, which is nice when we have company.  It was decorated this nice pale blue, and we kept the color and made it a beachy theme.

Tomorrow, I'll show you our gardens.

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