Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Day You

Nine loves.

1. This weekend.  I loved this weekend.  It started Thursday night, with the U2 concert, and is still going strong today.  More details (and pictures!) to come.  Stay tuned...

2.  Harry Potter.  Saw the final movie on Friday.  Cried through a large chunk of it.  An absolutely perfect ending.

3.  Lazy Sundays.  With the exception of running a couple errands, I intend to be fairly lazy today. 

4.  Buffalo chicken pizza.  The boys made some for a late-night snack on Friday.  My sister and I enjoyed it for breakfast.

5.  Dive bars.  Friday night, we were in the city, and a friend took us to this little dive bar in South Philly called Bob and Barbara.  They have a think called the Working Man's special - a shot of Jim Beam and a PBR for $3.  Not exactly delicious, but crazy cheap.  And in Center City, that's nearly impossible to come by.

6.  Big outdoor concerts.  I hadn't been to a big outdoor show in years before Thursday night.  I'd almost forgotten how much I love them.  There's nothing quite like being outside, with 50K people, singing along to your favorite song.

7.  Homemade egg sandwiches.  We made them for breakfast Friday morning.  Yummo.

8.  Trying new restaurants.  Friday evening we headed into the city and I got to eat at a restaurant I've been wanting to try - Ladder 15.  I had a delicious proscuitto and fig jam flatbread pizza.  Which leads me to...

9.  Proscuitto.  This stuff is seriously amazing.  If there is something on the menu that has proscuitto, chances are, I'm going to order it.  Yummy, delicious, salty goodness.

Happy Sunday, guys!


  1. Yum the Buffalo chicken pizza sounds fabulous. I love buffalo chicken pizza and make them all the time. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love this list girl. :) And yeah for lazy Sundays, and proscuitto...!

    Have a good day.