Monday, July 25, 2011

Man-Candy Monday

That time of the week again.  I know, it's been a while.  Sorry!  Linking up, once again, for Man-Candy Monday!  This week I chose Jeremy Piven.  No particular reason, other than that he's rather yummy!

Best-known Roles:
Ari Gold, Entourage
Buddy Isreal, Smoking Aces
Dean Gordon "Cheese" Pritchard, Old School
Dean Kansky, Serendipty
James Droz Andrews, PCU
The Keymaster, Say Anything

Born July 26, 1965 in New York City

I love a man who can pull off a multitude of headwear...

*all images from google

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  1. Ha, I always liked him...but when I saw him as Ari Gold I fell in love! Awesome ;) LOL

  2. He's a little on the short side for my preference, but I do love his character on Entourage!

  3. I really like him!! Good choice. I hope he does well after Entourage is over.