Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Travel Pinterest

Time to link up! 


I grew up in a family that valued travel.  We were lucky (in some senses) that, because my mom traveled a lot of work, we had a lot of opportunities to take vacations that normally we would not have been able to afford.  This sense of adventure was instilled in me at a very young age, and I really hope to continue that with our family.  I know that it will be significantly more difficult for Matt and I to do that than it was for my parents, but we talk about it a lot and are both committed to putting aside money for family vacations. 

That being said, here are some of my favorite places that I've been, and that I hope to take my family back to!

Australia.  I have been lucky to go to Australia twice in my lifetime.  It is - handsdown - my favorite place in the world.  I have always said that if I wasn't such a momma's girl, I would move to Sydney in a heartbeat.  I absolutely love it there.  These first two pictures are actually mine, that I pinned from my own records.  The first one is, obviously, the Sydney Opera House, which is just such a beautiful building.  And the second one is from our nights camping in the Outback.  It was a little scary (we could hear the dingoes howling out in the desert) but it was honestly the most amazing nights ever.  I've never in my life seen so many stars. 

This is the Great Barrier Reef.  Snorkeling on the GBR is un-freakin-believable.  That's all.

 Up next is Madrid.  Most people say Barcelona was their favorite when talking about Spain, but I got robbed in Barcelona, so I have some, um, issues with that place.  It was a really cool city, but it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.  Madrid, on the other hand, was just...well, honestly, it saved my sanity. 

Paris.  Ahh, Paris.  Yes, the Parisiens are not huge fans of Americans.  Big deal.  Get over it and just enjoy the city.  Get outside of Paris and you'll find that the French people are actually quite sweet.  This is another photo I pinned from my own vault, taken by my sister on our trip to Europe (same trip as Barcelona/Madrid). 

Rome.  I loved the pulse of Rome.  But really, it was the history.  Man, the history here just completely blew my mind.  It felt totally surreal to stand at the edge of the Colisseum and realize how old that structure is.  It really made me realize how young our country is. 

And finally, Dublin.  I. Loved. Dublin.  The people.  The beer.  The energy.  The people.  Such a fantastic city. 

So those are my pins for the week.  What's the favorite place you've ever traveled?

*all photos from my Pinterest


  1. perfect!!!! :)
    I have many favorite favorite in Europe/Asia is Istanbul, but then there's London, and Berlin...and San Francisco and Philly...awwww...I could go on and on and's endless. Sydney is still on my list, so hopefully soon I can do that, too!!!

  2. ahh love this :) it makes me think of the places i just visited when i went to europe about a month ago :) great blog too by the way! can't wait to read more!

  3. Soo cool. I Have yet to jump on the pinterest bandwagon but if you can pin travel places, I'm so in!! I would love to take a year off from work and just travel around the world!

  4. You’ve been to some amazing places!!! I really wasn’t expecting to love Rome as much as I did. I felt the same way about America when I was in Western Europe. We are just babies.