Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crafty Little Me

I'm not gonna lie.  Since my DIY adventures for the wedding, I kind of miss, well, DIY-ing.  I was never much of a crafter, but I really enjoyed what I did.  But I haven't had any reasons for making any crafts.  But then I came across this the other day and thought, "I really want to do that!"  Not to mention, it's probably something I could handle. 

I followed the link on the pinterest photo, and it took me to a little tutorial on how to make it.  Pretty easy!  So today, I went to my old friend Michael's and picked up a few supplies.  The original post says to use a 12x12 scrapbook frame.  Unfortunately, we don't have enough open wall space in our kitchen to fit that.  But I figured I could easily use a different size frame.  I picked up a 7x14" frame, some interesting scrap paper, and a couple whiteboard markers.

With the 7x14" frame, I needed 2 sheets of 12x12" paper.  I brought home 2 sheets of a couple of different patterns, and went with the one that I liked most on my wall.  Then I go to work! 

First, I cut the sheets of paper down to 7" wide, then carefully matched up the patterns (sort of - I hadn't noticed that the pattern wasn't totally centered and that I should have kept the top at the top when cutting) and pasted them with the glue stick.  From there, I measured out how far apart to write the days.  I gave myself 2.5" at the top to write "Menu," which left me with 11.5" to split up for the days of the week.  Each day got 1.75," with using Weekend instead of Saturday and Sunday.

I took it into the kitchen and hung it right next to our main "working" counter. 

I put this week's menu on it.  It doesn't look very exciting this week because we have plans for multiple days.  For example, on Wednesday, Matt will just eat leftovers because I'll be at Movies and Martinis with my girlfriends (not eating M&Ms).  Thursday night we're going to the U2 concert.  Friday night we'll be having dinner somewhere in Center City with my sister and her husband.  And Saturday night we'll be at a party at my step-aunt and uncle's house. 

I love our new menu board, and hope that it helps me be even more creative with my meals!


  1. I think yours turned out much cuter! I use a white board, but this is so much nicer and would add some color to my kitchen. I think I'm gonna do it! Have fun at U2!!!

  2. Tat is so cute and would make me look forward to cooking dinner!

  3. I love this! I suck at DIY projects, but I think this is something I couldn't screw up. I may try to do this in a few weeks..