Friday, July 22, 2011

I Want

I Want

It's 108 degrees here in Philly today.  That is decidedly not cool.  All week, I've been wearing dresses.  I don't really do dresses.  At least, I never used to.  Seriously, ask my friend DJ.  I posted something on facebook the other day about how I've worn dresses 2 days in a row, so obviously it's unbearably hot out, and she responded "Who are you?  What have you done with Emma [my nickname]?"  It's a well-known fact that me and dresses are not great friends.  Even when I was little.  My mom said I used to throw a fit if she tried to put me in a dress.  Sure, I owned the obligatory "I'm going to a wedding and need something to wear" dresses.  I had a couple cute sundresses for dinners out.  But otherwise, I never was big into dresses.   

Now, though, with all this hot weather, they're all I want to wear.  Which presents a problem when I have so few that are appropriate for work (ie, not too short, not strapless, not cleavage-revlealing).  So today, I went screen-shopping (like window-shopping but on the internet).  You know, just to torture myself.  Cuz I can't actually afford to go shopping. 

I am obsessed with modcloth dresses.  And if I had any sort of extra money lying around, I'd totally blow it there.  The dresses above are just the tip of iceberg.  I know, not all of those are work-appropriate.  But I like the other ones, too, and they'd be totally appropriate for a nice dinner out, like to celebrate our anniversay in Florida....right? 

What's on your wishlist?
Wrap dress
$40 -

Shift dress
$50 -

Sport dress
$45 -

Twist dress
$50 -

Cloud Watching Dress
$40 -

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  1. I love Modcloth too and that Twist dress is the most beautiful shade of blue! Pretty!