Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Talk

Matt and I have been talking a lot about babies.  A lot about affording babies, in particular.  Cuz, you know, kids are expensive.  You have to feed them, clothe them, entertain them, give them somewhere to sleep, keep them clean...and that's just for the first few months.  Then you have to take them to day care.  And then you have to pay for school supplies.  All the while, you have to be planning for a) future kids (if desired) and b) their futues, ie, college, which, by the way, ain't gettin any cheaper.  Seriously, ya'll, kids are costly!

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So Matt and I have spent a lot of time in the past few months talking about how much to save, what kind of savings to have, and how much we think we're going to need to spend on stuff.  It's a really scary prospect, especially given the shaky place that Matt's job has been in for the past few years.  [About a year and a half ago, they cut their salaries by 7.5%.  A year ago, they cut their hours down to 32/week.  Some weeks, he's lucky if he even gets that many hours in.] 

This weekend, we were talking about day care.  Matt has been particularly nervous about how we're going to afford day care.  I get it - it's expensive.  Matt is worried that we won't be able to afford it, and wonders how we're going to manage without our families helping us out.  I keep reminding him that my parents had no family around and Callie and I turned out all right, and of all of our friends who don't live near their parents and make it work, and all the families who make it work with way less money than we have.  But he's still panicking.  I finally got to the bottom of his worries this weekend.

Matt was under the impression that day care costs $100 per day!  Once I recovered from my laughter (I'm sorry, but it's funny!), I told him the actual cost ($150-$250 per week), and he was pretty relieved.  He was like "Oh!  Well, we can do that!"  Yeah, buddy!

Silly husband.


  1. Lol!! $100 a day is pretty crazy for day care! ;)
    Glad you straightened him out.

  2. Well day care is expensive but not quite that expensive. LOL!

  3. Oh husbands, it's lucky they have wives to put them in their place ;-)