Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Matt and I are quickly approaching our 6-month anniversary (say whaaaat?).  Our dear friends, BM Steph and GM Matt, gifted us a night in New York City at the Waldorf Hotel on the night of our 6-month anniversary as a wedding gift.  I am so excited.  I love New York City.  They also got us 2 tickets to see Avenue Q, which I have seen and absolutely love, and I have been telling Matt about for years.  I can't wait to take him to see it!  We're planning to take the MegaBus to the city on Saturday, spend the day exploring (and maybe catch up with some friends) then have dinner and go see the show Saturday night.  I'm hoping that after the show we'll be able to find a cool bar to have some drinks in - maybe a rooftop bar, even.  [any suggesions would be appreciated!]  On Sunday, we're going to do the Natural History Museum before we get the bus back to Philadelphia.  Matt's never been there, and I haven't been there in probably 10 or 12 years. 

We've talked about taking a trip every year for our anniversary.  Given our experience on our honeymoon, we're a little leary about taking trips to the Caribbean, but there's always the idea of waiting a few months or going on our 1/2-iversaries.  (c: 

For our one year anniversary, we're plannign to go to Florida.  My parents own a house in The Villages, which is only about an hour from Orlando.  Sure, it's a retirement community.  But there are pools, restaurants, bars, and golf courses.  Free place to stay?  Yes, please.  Like I said, it's only an hour from Orlando, so we can take a couple of trips to the parks.  We just did Disney a few years ago, so this time we'll probably hit Universal Studios and the Universal theme park.  And you know what's at Universal, right??

Harry!!!!  Matt's original proposal plan was to take me to Florida and propose at Hogwarts.  It opened later than expected, and Matt got impatient.  So instead, we're going for our anniversary.  I've read lots of reviews that say it's crowded and busy and the lines to get into the stores are crazy long.  I don't care.  Also, I'm hoping that by October, when it's been open for 2+ years, the novelty will have worn off a bit.  Not likely, but I'm being optimistic.  I cannot wait.  I love the books, love the movies, and can't wait to see it all "in real life." 

I'm trying to convince Matt that we should renew our vows at Hogwarts.  Maybe even Dumbledore or Harry could preside over the ceremony!  He's, umm...hesitant. 

What did you do or are you planning for your First Anniversary?

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  1. Our 6 month anniversary is coming up too! I think the night at the hotel is a wonderful wedding gift! I was just thinking about what we'd do for our 6 month. We'll be at a friends wedding in Philly the weekend after our 1 year anniversary so I think we'll take a week to travel up to Boston too.