Friday, April 22, 2011

Chasing Cars - Kissing Fun

Ok, so our DJ is a genius.  When we first met with him, he asked us how we felt about the whole clinking glasses and kissing thing.  I have always hated it.  If I could have had my way, we would have had plastic cups and silverware, just to avoid the clinking glasses.  The idea of being told when to kiss my husband just annoyed me.  I'll kiss him when I want to kiss him, dammit!  So when I mentioned this to Mike, he suggested we make a game out of it.  He said that usually it curbs the clinking pretty quickly.  So I was all over it.

His suggestion was that we come up with a list of couples who will be at the wedding and who would be fun enough to participate in the game.  We provide that list to him at the start of the reception.  When people start clinking their glasses, he would randomly choose one couple from the list and call them out.  That couple would then have to kiss each other - creatively as they wanted to - and we would have to copy them.  I loved it.  Our friends and family are super-fun and I knew they would really enjoy trying to "show us up."

So after our first dance, we took our seats.  Of course, almost immediately, people started clinking their glasses.  Mike announced the rules of the game and picked his first couple, who just so happened to be BM Steph and GM Matt.  If I had been able to pick a couple to start off the game, I would have picked them.  So GM Matt hoisted his chair up over his head, and ordered BM Steph to take a seat.  And then he proceeded to fully makeout with her...

Our turn!

Almost immediately after we sat down, people started clinking again.  This time, Mike called on Matt's cousin and her husband.  They took to the dance floor, he kissed her hand, then dipped her for a big finish.

Up next was Matt's friend from high school, Braden, and his wife Stephanie.  He stood her up, tied his tie over her eyes, then had their other friend, Jim, stand in his place.  Stephanie nearly kissed Jim, and Braden stepped in to rescue her.

Our turn!  Matt picked his brother, Mike, as his stand-in.

Finally, my dad's friends, Doug and Kim.  We actually weren't paying attention at this point, so I'm not too sure what they did.  I just saw Kim dancing around a lot and then they kissed, so that's what we did.  I'm pretty sure we missed something crucial in their "act," though.

I'm so glad that Mike suggested the kissing game, and I think our guests had a lot of fun with it.  It kept people entertained and gave the whole thing a sort of interactive feel.

Coming up, I can't get my butt off the dance floor!

*All photos from Everlasting Images


  1. Aww, I'm loving this set of pics!!

  2. Cute idea, I don't want any clinking at our wedding either. I was just at one last weekend and there were alot of clinking glasses..I didn't even know people did that anymore!