Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chasing Cars - Trolleys and Antique Cars

Time for the bridal party to get to the museum!  This might have been my favorite part of the whole day.  Me, my newly-minted husband, and our closest friends.  All stuck together, in the same place, and the same time.

photo from BM Tina
photo from BM Tina
photo from BM Mel
We pulled up to the museum, dismissed the bridal party to enjoy the cocktail hour, and Matt and I went around the museum to get some couple portraits.

This was so awkward
Our reception was at the Antique Auto Museum.  Part of the reason we chose that as our venue is because both of our dads are into antique cars.  My dad owns a 1972 Porsche 911.  And Matt's dad built an old Dodge Charger from the ground up.  Neither one of us can remember the year, but it's old.  My dad didn't drive his car to the reception, but Matt's dad did.

Isn't it beautiful?

We headed inside for a few more pictures.


In the meantime, our guests were busy milling around the museum and enjoying cocktail hour.  The museum is a really cool place to have an event, and we had so many compliments from our guests about not being bored during the cocktail hour.  [the next 7 photos are from our guests]

Hershey's version of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

My friend Karen, and her husband, Greg, who also happens to be my train conductor
Recognize that?  Watch A League of Their Own and get back to me

Just at the end of cocktail hour, we gathered all of our guests together for a big group photo.  The semantics of this could be a logistical nightmare, but we put out signs by the escort cards noting the time and location of the group photo, and we also had the DJ make an announcement to remind everyone to get there.  I'm so glad we got this photo.

Up next, we get the party started!

*All photos, unless otherwise noted, courtesy of Everlasting Images

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  1. Loving the recaps! I positively love the photo of you gazing at him as he holds your chin. *swoon* Also jeally of your awesome group photo! Great idea. :)