Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chasing Cars - Family and Friends

Once we ushered all our guests out of the church and over to the museum, it was time to (hopefully) breeze through our family and bridal party portraits.  When we met with our photographer, we told her we wanted very few formal portraits taken.  Just the bare necessities: us with my parents, us with my dad, us with Matt's parents, and us with our party.  We preferred more informal, fun pictures.  We wanted to hurry through them so that we'd get over to the museum to enjoy at least a few minutes of the cocktail hour.  We...sort of got what we asked for.  We ended up taking way more time at the church, but I don't think it was anyone's fault.  We just underestimated how long things would take.  That, or we were way too optimistic. 

First, though, we had to get a picture with Pastor Cindy.  She did such a great job with the ceremony, and we really felt we got a lot out of our premarital counseling with her.  She kept it short and sweet but it brought up some things that we needed to talk about.

Then, it was time for my family.

Us with Mom and Jeff
Us with Dad, Sister Callie, and BIL Anthony
Then, Matt's family joined us.

Us with John and Nancy
L-R: Brother Mike, Pop Lou, John, Nancy, us, Brother Dan
A few portraits of us.

Our bridal party.  We decided to do just the entire bridal party.  None of me with the boys or him with the girls.  Now I kind of wish we'd taken them, but...oh well.

Then we headed outside to take some fun pictures of the bridal party.  It was October 23, which in Central PA, is typically in the upper 50s.  On our wedding day, it was 72 degrees.  And sunny.  Absolutely perfect.  Anyway, when we stepped outside of the church, our bridal party surprised us with a champagne toast!

I love these people.

We headed over to the other side of the trolley to take some pictures.  We had so much fun with these.

Look at the ridiculous height of GM Matt
My husband, ladies and gentleman!
Once we'd finished taking pictures, the bridal party got on the trolley.  Then waited for me and Matt while we took a few more portraits.  These are some of our favorite pictures, and we blew one of them up to hang over our mantle.

This is the one we blew up
One of my favorites!
We stepped up and settled in for the ride over to the museum...

*All photos courtesy of Everlasting Images

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