Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chasing Cars - The Boys Arrive

The girls were hidden away in our classroom, so it was time for the boys to arrive.  The trolley pulled up and the boys tumbled out, dressed in their fine brown tuxes.  I am so so glad we went with the brown tuxes.  Every time I look at the pictures, I am in love with the look.

After getting off the trolley, our moms helped the guys put their boutonnieres on.  The bouts were hand-made by my mom and BM Abriel's mom, Melinda.  They were peacock feathers with rust ribbon; Matt's had a white button mum to distinguish his.

Matt and my dad
Matt's mom affixing his bout

Once the boutonnieres were attached, Matt took some pictures with his parents and brothers.

Then it was time for the boys to pose!

Best Man Steve
GM Matt
GM Shane
GM Eric
GM/Brother Dan
GM/Brother Mike

What a bunch of studs, right?
They finished up their pictures and headed into the church.  Time to get ready for the ceremony!

*All photos courtesy of Everlasting Images


  1. Love the trolley!! Oh, weddings are just the best! Keep posting pictures!

  2. oh i love what they came in! very cool! great idea.