Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chasing Cars - Bridal Portraits

We took bridal and bridal party pictures at the hotel and at the church.  I'm really glad for the dual locations, because it gave us lots of options.  Up first?  Hotel...

Mom and her girls
Me and Mom
MOH Callie
BM Tina
BM Nicole

BM Stephy
Stephy gave me my "Something Borrowed" - a bobby pin she'd worn on her wedding day
BM Mel

BM Abes

I laughed all day long.

Gab-fest.  Typical!
I love these photos.  Coming up, we take a trolley ride to the church and take some more pictures!

All photos from Everlasting Images.


  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning. I love the colors of your girls dresses too!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the silhouette picture!

  3. Your dress looks beautiful - and so do you! You look so happy!