Monday, April 18, 2011

Chasing Cars - Here We Are!

After the group picture, our guests were ushered to the bus gallery to take their seats for dinner.  We employed the DJ, David, and his staff to help make sure everyone got downstairs.  The bridal party hung out upstairs until we knew nearly everyone was seated, and then we went downstairs.  It was time for the bridal party to introduced.  We gave our friends no direction, just let them do whatever they want.  And they had some fun with it!
GM Eric and BM Nicole
GM Shane and BM Tina
GM Matt and BM Steph
GM/Brother Dan and BM Abriel
GM/Brother Mike and BM Mel
Best Man Steve and Sister/MOH Callie
The song we chose for the reception entrance was "Small Town," by John Mellencamp.  We both love Mellencamp, and the song has always been special to us.  Hershey is a small town with that charming/annoying small town mentality.  It was perfect and I think everyone loved it.

Finally, Matt and I entered the reception.  Introduced, for the first time, as Mr. and Mrs.!

As soon as we entered, we started our first dance.  We chose the song "Chasing Cars," by Snow Patrol.  It's been our song forever, and when we had to decide on our first dance, there wasn't really a question.  We were worried it would be too long, but our DJ expertly cut it down to just around 3:30 instead of the full nearly 5-minutes it is originally.

We finished our dance and took our seats at the "head table."  We decided to have 3 head tables, so that our bridal party could sit with their significant others.  Our tables seated 8 people, so we divided it up like this:
Head Table - us, Best Man Steve and his wife, MOH Callie and her husband, and BM Steph and GM Matt.  BM Steph and GM Matt are married, and we are both close to both of them, so that's how they got seated with us.

Bride's Table - BM Abriel and her husband, BM Mel and her boyfriend, BM Tina and her husband, and BM Nicole.

Groom's Table - GM Shane and his wife, GM Mike and his girlfriend, GM Dan and his girlfriend, and GM Eric.
It worked out pretty well, and I know our bridal party appreciated being able to sit with their SOs.

I've read a lot that when it comes time to speeches, people have quite a few: Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Bride, Groom, etc.  We didn't want to put pressure on anyone, so we just let people volunteer.  If they wanted to say something, great, if not, that's ok.  Best Man Steve gave a great speech.

Apparently, my sister had prepared a speech, as well, but she never gave it.  She later told me that David seemed so flustered about being behind schedule, she didn't want to hold things up anymore.  I'm pretty sure David wouldn't have minded and I certainly would have loved to hear what she had to say, but...oh well.

Pastor Cindy said a prayer and blessing for dinner, and then it was chow time!  Matt and I both promised each other that we'd actually sit and eat our meals, together, and we did just that.  That food was amazing and there was no way I was missing it!  After dinner comes the family photos, cake cutting, and parent dances!

*All photos courtesy of Everlasting Images


  1. We did the same with our head table! We split it up and had a sweetheart table to ourselves. :)

  2. We did a similar thing with our head tables :) We sat all of our siblings (who were all in the wedding) at our table and then sat the rest of the wedding party with their significant others split between two other tables. It worked well!

  3. I love your first song, what a great original pick! I need to keep that in mind!

    Looks like so much fun!