Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chasing Cars - It's the Little Things

The details of the day are sometimes the things that are the most overlooked.  But - as every bride knows - you slave over them for hours, trying to come up with ways to make your wedding scream "YOU!", trying to make things fun and interesting and beautiful, and so you want some documentation of it, dammit!  So, to wrap up my recaps, I'll leave you with the details of our day.  All the little things that added up to make it just perfectly us.  Matt and Erin.

Up first, my grandmother's engagement ring, which I had asked JDK to wire into my bouquet.

And, of course, my bouquet.  I am considering just blowing this picture up.  I loved my bouquet.

My details - my bouquet, my perfume, my shoes (with the girls' writing on the bottom), my bracelet, and my purse.  I wish there was a better picture of my bracelet.  But in case you forgot...

The trolley.  I'm so glad we booked this as the wedding party transportation.  It was so much fun to all be together on the ride back after the ceremony, and this is so iconically Hershey.

The feather boutonnieres that my mom and BM Abriel's mom spent an afternoon crafting.

My wedding gift to Matt.  Rocky cufflinks.  Little did he know, the boudoir book was on it's way, too...

The program.  We printed 89 of them.  They were almost all gone.  And the tissue packets.

My mom did the ceremony decor.  I had purchased the tealight holders and candles (thanks, Ikea!).  She purchased the ikebana vases and then filled them with greens from their backyard.  I absolutely loved the way it all came together.  Afterwards, she gifted each of the girls and Pastor Cindy one of the ikebana vases.

My hairpiece.  From Etsy.  Love.

Our guest book.  We made a photo book on Shutterfly of pictures of things that were important to us: places we'd been together, our high school and college mascots, our favorite sports teams, etc.  The page it's open to in the picture happens to be the Barking Crab restaurant in Boston from the weekend we met.  In this photo you can also see the sign I made to announce the group photo location and time.

The escort cards.  We painstakingly made 88 cootie catchers (fortune tellers, whatever).  We folded them up and clipped them together to hold the actual escort cards.  I marked each escort card with different dots to let the catering staff know who got what meals.  I had a silly system to remember them: meat = brown, cuz meat is brown; fish = blue, cuz the ocean is blue; veggie = green, cuz, well, duh.  But it worked!

Our homemade wine favors.  We just finally cracked open a bottle the other night, and it's pretty good!

The table numbers.  These were pretty easy to make, and they turned out looking really good with the tables.

The flowers on the cake.  I heart you, JDK.

The centerpieces.  Again, JDK, you rule.

The bar.  Yup.  JDK doesn't just have those black rolling bar carts.  They did a full set up.  It was awesome.

The ring shot.  On the bar.  

So that's it.  I hope you've enjoyed reading about our wedding as much as I've enjoyed reliving it.  I wish I could to it every single day.  But you'd probably get pretty tired of me.  (c:

*All photos from Everlasting Images


  1. Gorgeous details. I love the guest book, what a great idea. I have been struggling with that myself and may steal your idea!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wedding details. It's always interesting to know what other people do and like for their wedding.