Friday, April 29, 2011


Sometimes one little thing is all it takes to turn a crappy day upside down and make it a happy day.  That just happened for me.

Ok, so the day started off well enough.  I woke up a little before my alarm and decided rather than lay in bed and torture myself, I'd go downstairs and see if I could catch any of the Royal Wedding shenanigans.  I turned it on just in time to see them recite their vows.  Kate looked just beautiful, and Wills was so handsome in his military uniform.  It was wonderful to watch them recite their vows.  They both look so nervous, and Kate was clearly trying so hard to keep herself together.  It was just adorable when the Bishop officially pronounced them as husband and wife - Kate flashed a big smile then seemed to catch herself so as not to show too much emotion.  Girl, it's your wedding day and you just became a freakin princess - smile away!

Anyway, I got to work and the world sort of exploded.  I have two patients who are dying and I'm trying to quickly arrange hospice services for them so that they and their families have support.  One of them is a 47-year-old man with a 4-year-old daughter.  Brutal.

I also was bombarded with families and patients who have lots of questions and concerns about discharge plans.  And everyone seems to need to talk to me right now.  It's hard having to juggle all of that. 

I have multiple placements to work on, including a psych placement.  One psych placement alone has the ability to eat up several hours of your day, so when I found out about this one in rounds at 11am, I was none too pleased. 

BUT.  A friend of mine let me in on a secret that my favorite band is coming to Philadelphia.  I already missed the opportunity to buy tickets for their first show, so when she told me about this one, I joined the fan club so I could get pre-sale tickets.  They went on sale today at noon.  After some issues with my computer, I went to my phone and ordered them using the browser on my phone.  Success!  Come Friday, August 5, I will be sitting at the Mann Center enjoying the music of my favorite favorite favorite - Death Cab for Cutie!  Ben Gibbard's voice is just angelic, and I'm also secretly hoping that his wife, Zooey Deschanel, will make an appearance, sit next to us in the audience, and become my new BFF.  Because I just love her. 

So that totally turned this day around for me.  I'm going to see Death Cab!!!!!   I cannot wait!

One of my favorite DCFC songs - The Sound of Settling

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  1. I really need to google the video of Will and Kate's vows! They look so in love. :D