Friday, April 8, 2011

Chasing Cars - Taking a Ride

After our portraits at the hotel, us girls piled into the trolley and took a ride over the church for more pictures.

The hotel was located in the parking area for the museum (our reception venue), so one of the girls snapped a photo of the museum's sign...

The photographers didn't ride over with us, but that doesn't mean the ride wasn't well-documented!

Abes and Nicole

Me and Sissy
Abes and Tina
Me and Stephy
Steph, Nicole, and Mel
Tina and Abes.  Typical.
I had managed to remain composed for most of the day so far.  Until...

Yup.  I totally had a moment on the trolley ride.  All of a sudden, the day was very real.  I was getting married! 

(the photos in the previous series were from my girls)

We arrived at the church and took a few more fun pictures.

Still gabbing.

This felt so weird, but it's one of my favorite pictures!
My sister was singing something to me
Are we a bunch of sex-pots, or what?

Soon, it was time for us to disappear inside before the trolley came back with the boys.  Oh yeah, they're coming up!

All photos, unless noted, are from Everlasting Images

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  1. You are gorgeous! I love the girls green bouquets.