Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chasing Cars - Pretty Time!

The girls spent the morning at the salon gettin our hair did and our faces made up.  Steele Salon was more than accommodating, and we had a great time.  We were there for probably 3 hours, just hanging out and having some good quality girl time.

BM Abriel had just had a baby in September, so Baby C joined us at the salon for the morning.  Side note: BM Abriel and her commitment to our wedding and to our friendship was totally amazing.  Baby C had not yet gotten into a good sleep schedule, so she had to have been exhausted.  But she put on a big fat smile and never once complained.
BM Abriel, Baby C, and Abriel's mom, Melinda
photo from Mom

Lookin like a Texas girl
photo from Mom
Steele let us bring in a spread of Panera bagels, cream cheese, juice, and champagne.  They also had water and coffee on hand for us.

MOH Callie, fixing herself a mimosa
photo from BM Tina
BM Stephy, enjoying a cup of coffee
photo from BM Tina
I was one of the last to get started.  My stylist was my friend Rachel.  We've been friends since high school, and I didn't even considering having anyone else do my hair. 

photo from BM Mel

photo from BM Tina
After everyone was pretty-fied, we headed over the hotel.  This is when things kicked into high gear.  We had a few minutes to get something to eat (and yes, I did eat!) before the flowers showed up and the photographers showed up and was time to get dressed!!

The girls started getting dressed before me, so that they would be ready to go when the photographers showed up.
photo from BM Mel
I'm not sure what was happening here, but I look puzzled!
In the meantime, Matt's best man's wife delivered his gift to me.

I was clearly surprised
The waterproof digital video camera I'd been bugging Matt about buying

I got my dress off the hanger and put it most of the way on by myself in the bathroom, but walked out holding it up so that my sister could zip me in.  My dress was from the Anne Barge La Fleur collection (style LF 158).  I was so excited to finally put this pretty thing on and wear it all night.  It was comfortable and fun and so perfectly me.

All dressed, and my girls started helping me with the finishing touches.

BM Nicole helping me with my feather bracelet
MOH Callie helping me put my shoes on
 All dressed and ready to go.  But first, some portraits...

*all photos, unless noted, from Everlasting Images

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  1. You looked gorgeous! Your dress looks very similar to the one my bride wore this past weekend! Love it!