Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chasing Cars - The Traditions

I mentioned that Matt and I ate our entire meal.  But we did kind of rush through it.  We wanted to be able to say hello to our guests.  The room where our reception was held, the bus gallery in the basement, was set up like this:
18 tables of 8, split in the middle by the dance floor.  It worked out - numbers-wise - to put our friends on our side of the dance floor, and our family and parents' friends on the far side.  Unfortunately, we started on our side of the dance floor when we started saying hello to everyone, and we never made it over to the other side.  Oops. 

Anyway, while we were greeting our last table on our friends' side, David came to tell us it was time for our family photos.  We had requested a big photo of each of our extended families.  It's so rare that all of our family members are together, in one place, so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

Matt's family
My family
I cannot tell you why Matt and I aren't sitting together.  It just happened so quickly, everyone was in the same room, we smashed together, and snapped the pictures  Done.

While this was happening, the DJ started playing "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon.  This is a favorite of me and my sister, so we took the opportunity to reenact the music video.  We also did this at my bachelorette party. 

Yep.  We're huge goofballs.  We also took a moment to get a picture with Matt's Pop Lou and his girlfriend.  Pop Lou passed away in February, and I know it meant a lot to Matt that he was able to make it.  I'm so glad we took a few seconds to get this photo.

Up next, it was time to cut the cake.

We were having a hard time figuring out how to get the slice out

And the last of the traditions (for us) - the Parent Dances.  Up first, my dad and I danced to "Father and Daughter," by Paul Simon.  We've always listened to Paul Simon together, and when I heard this song, there was no doubt in my mind.

Dance lessons paid off!

Matt and his mom chose to dance to "You'll Be In My Heart," by Phil Collins.  It's a really sweet song, and a great option for the Mother/Son dance.

When the song ended, Matt's dad and brothers joined them on the dance floor for a group hug.  It was a very touching moment.

Up next, pictures from the Kissing Game and the dance floor gets hot!

*All photos courtesy of Everlasting Images


  1. We had a hard time figuring out how to cut our cake too--I'm going to do an entire post on it because we have like 40 pictures of us being like "uhhh wtf?" with the cake :)

    I wanted to dance to that Paul Mccartney song with my dad! I LOVE that song...but he wanted something else. I'm jealous!

  2. That cake is gorgeous and I love the photos of you and your sister dancing!

  3. Great pics, I love the buses in the background. Very cool.

  4. these pictures are so fun, you can tell everyone is having a great time!

    p.s. I *love* your beautiful!