Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding!

I get it.  It's just a wedding.
But c'mon!  It's a regular girl marrying a Prince.  I mean, who hasn't wanted to be Kate Middleton in their lives?  She's going to be a Princess!  Hello?!  She's our age.  Well, at least, she's from our generation.  Look she would've been in high school when I was, so...therefore, she is my age.  Got it? 

Anyway.  Yeah, I admit it.  I've got Royal Wedding Fever.  I am absolutely dying to see what this thing is gonna look like.  The flowers, the decor, and - obviously - Kate's dress.  God, is that girl beautiful, or what?! 

No, I'm not planning to get up at 4am to watch it live.  I still have to work on Friday.  But if I didn't have to work, you can bet that I'd be up watching it.  I might even wear my wedding dress again.  You know, to really get in the spirit.  A la Friends.

I recently found a link to a party in New York City at the Salon de Ning (rooftop bar at the Peninsula) where they were encouraging women to wear their wedding and/or bridesmaid dresses.  But I can't find it anymore.  Bummer.  Cuz that looked super-fun! 

Or, if I lived or were anywhere near New York, I might have to go watch it in Times Square.  I mean, Randy Fenoli is hosting TLC's live coverage.  Who doesn't love Randy Fenoli?  Plus, there will be a wedding dress fashion show after the wedding.  I know, I'm done with my wedding and my planning, but that doesn't mean I don't still like looking at wedding dresses. 

All I know is that this is going to be one big huge event.  Kate will look gorgeous, Wills will look dapper, and the whole world is going to be watching the start of their lives together.  No pressure, guys! 


  1. I'll be watching it, but honestly, I'm not super excited (yet!). It's a wedding, and yes, prince and then princess and all, but after all it is still just a wedding. Maybe I've seen too many royal weddings in my life so this makes it less appealing to me?! Who knows. Either way I wanna know what kinda dress she's wearing. That's for sure!

  2. I'm excited to see the highlights of it, but I'm not watching it live. I've been watching some of the documentaries this week about the relationship and the royals in general and I just hope they end up happy!

  3. I would TOTALLY watch and wear my wedding dress!!!